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Extans Akhal Sheen Handcrafted Blue Carbon-Fiber Bicycle
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Extans Akhal Sheen Handcrafted Blue Carbon-Fiber Bicycle


The world of transportation is welcoming a new member to its family, and that special addition comes from the renowned British design house Extant. Boasting an impressive portfolio, the company is bringing even more flair with their latest ride, which they've aptly titled the Sheen. As Extans' best product yet, it's sure to make waves in the cycling industry and beyond.

The bike itself packs many luxurious features into a surprisingly lightweight frame, not much heavier than 21 pounds. Showcasing a bold blue carbon fiber monocoque frame, chrome-plated head tube, seat clamp, and wheel dropouts, this piece of art is certain to turn heads. CNC is machined from a single aluminum billet, and these details create a striking silhouette that's impossible to ignore. The finishing touches are provided by 24k gold accents throughout the bike's intricate design. For those seeking style and performance, there's no better option than the Extans Sheen.

Adding to its appeal is that only 19 of these exquisite creations will be produced, making them sought-after items for collectors around the world. Taking inspiration from the world of luxurious jewelry, Extans has certainly done well to capture our attention with the Sheen — unique yet sophisticated all at once. Although similar products may have been offered in the past, such as black Shadow and white Shine models, nothing else can compare to this stunning work of craftsmanship whose beauty lies in its complex engineering and unwavering excellence on two wheels.

Whether you're looking for your next ride or simply desire an eye-catching addition to your collection - one thing's for sure: The dazzling Extans Sheen is unmissable.

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