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Razer Nommo V2 Line Gaming Desktop Speakers
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Razer Nommo V2 Line Gaming Desktop Speakers


Nommo V2 Pro is all you need to take your audio experience to an extreme new level; THX's Spatial Audio technology has transformed the capabilities of wireless 2.1 gaming speakers with its inclusion in this new version; you are to expect nothing less than a comprehensive surround sound experience - the first ever in this category of audio devices.

Downward-firing subwoofers are among the new and exciting features of the V2 Pro. Adding this modern design feature to your sound system can create a greater sense of depth in every bass note, resulting in an enhanced listening experience. The V2 Pro can amplify and clarify a variety of sounds, including the thunder's booming roar or the hushed rustle of an adversary's footsteps, to enhance your gaming experience.

The Wireless Control Pod from Razer perfectly complements their outstanding audio prowess and represents their most recent innovation. This extended 'remote control' for your digital life also reaches beyond the speakers. Control both audio settings like volume and EQ and the upward-pointing RGB light. Additionally, this versatile tool significantly improves gameplay and work efficiency by giving the power to adjust your mouse's DPI.

Purchasing the Nommo V2 Pro implies more than buying a set of gaming speakers; it means investing in state-of-the-art technology that transforms your audio and gameplay. This innovative idea has been demonstrated through technology's ability to quantify and control something as abstract as sound.

The Nommo V2 Pro delivers exceptional audio quality that promises a remarkable sound immersion and a new level of control which has been beyond the reach of gamers and tech enthusiasts until now by redefining what gaming speakers are capable of. Investing in the Nommo V2 Pro today will help you achieve an unrivaled audio and gaming experience.

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Razer / $450
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