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At Infinity Masculine, we strive to remain transparent and honest with our readers. We are committed to providing information about various topics professionally and comprehensively to ensure that all of our readers have the relevant facts at their disposal for them to make informed decisions.

This disclosure is meant to inform our readers about affiliate marketing, highlighting what it is, how it works, what our website plays, and how it affects the content found on our platform.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is an online form of advertisement that allows third parties (referred to as affiliates) to earn commission from product sales or services they promote and generate online. In other words, an individual or business can be an ‘affiliate partner’ of another company, receiving payment whenever customers purchase products or services through a special link shared on their website or blog within a given timeframe.

The company or organization whose product or services are being promoted - referred to as the ‘merchant’ - pays the affiliate for each successful sale made through their promotion efforts. This payment usually takes the form of a percentage of the total cost of goods the merchant sells. However, predetermined amounts could be retained upon authorization from both parties involved.

How Does It Work?
For example, if an affiliate were promoting a television streaming service like Netflix, they would use specific links provided by Netflix that direct customers toward its website/app when clicked. If said customer purchased any subscription plan on Netflix, then commissions will be earned by the respective affiliate partner based on commission rates set out in advance between both parties (Affiliate & Merchant). This method has shown great success in recent years, mainly due to its ability to reach large audiences quickly and easily without utilizing expensive traditional advertising resources like TV commercials, etc. Many popular websites nowadays use affiliate marketing in some capacity - Amazon Associates being one prominent example, with many smaller businesses taking advantage of this type of advertising too.

What Role Do We Play?
At Infinity Masculine, we may decide at times to include promotional links within certain pieces of content which relate to products and services offered by external businesses/organizations we’re affiliated with; this means that if you click these links & purchase said item(s), we may receive a commission for referring you to them (at no additional costs). However, this does not mean we have given such businesses preferential treatment over similar products/services not listed on our site. All affiliations up to date have been agreed upon mutually & made publicly available here as per standard regulations within this field. Furthermore, any reviews featured are only done so objectively and reflect opinions from real people rather than being sponsored directly by businesses themselves.

To sum it up, we want you – our readers – to feel confident knowing that although some posts feature links that support us monetarily, they are used solely because they offer valuable insights into products & services which could prove beneficial instead of helping us maintain financial stability– this will continue forever! Ultimately though, decisions made should come down individually after evidence has been evaluated entirely before making a purchase/partaking in activities related to anything mentioned on the platform :)

We are not just "another website."

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