Tower C By Zaha Hadid Architects

The futuristic Tower C By Zaha Hadid Architects is a business and financial center assisting the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Macau,

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Joshua Tree Shipping Container Residence

Only a single mile separates from Joshua Tree National Park to Joshua Tree Shipping Container Residence, placed on 22.5 acres of

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YEZO Luxury Retreat

The designers Kristof Crolla and Julien Klisz created YEZO Luxury Retreat, which is situated on top of Hokkaido's northern mountain

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Casa Odyssia

Landscapes the island of Corfu coast, placed the Casa Odyssia alongside the mountain. The concrete structure gives the feeling of

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Diagonal Dwelling Sloping House by NYDE Studio

In the vast scenery of the Scottish Highlands', the Diagonal Dwelling Sloping House by NYDE Studio has a shocking, unconventional, and

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Doghouse beer hotel is the bachelor pad of the hotels

Meet the DOGHOUSE hotel if you near Columbus, Ohio, visit the 42-acre site. You can visit their beer museum, a 6,000 sq ft of history

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Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII Golf Club Course

Located near Jordan's Florida home, Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII Golf Club Course is futuristic, sophisticated, high-tech, and

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The Headland House at Dovecote

Alongside the Australian cost, locate a truly 150-acre architecture marvel - a house from the movies, The Headland House at Dovecote.

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Ladera House

Landscaping the Sierra Nevada, Spain, the concrete architecture, Ladera House, has unique minimalism and bold structure. The two

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Bowen Island House

Observing the magnificent Bowen Island in British Columbia, nestled along the north shore, the Bowen Island House located at the very

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