YEZO Luxury Retreat

The designers Kristof Crolla and Julien Klisz created YEZO Luxury Retreat, which is situated on top of Hokkaido's northern mountain range. The main central concrete chimney structure defines as an anchor for this fantastic architecture surrounded by glued timber beams

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Casa Odyssia

Landscapes the island of Corfu coast, placed the Casa Odyssia alongside the mountain. The concrete structure gives the feeling of nature merges with the house that organically blends with the bushes and olive trees surrounded this magnificent architecture. The circular

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Diagonal Dwelling Sloping House by NYDE Studio

In the vast scenery of the Scottish Highlands', the Diagonal Dwelling Sloping House by NYDE Studio has a shocking, unconventional, and unique shape design. Thanks to the 55-degree angle of the structure, the Sloping House has sophisticated ready-made prefab cabins that

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Doghouse beer hotel is the bachelor pad of the hotels

Meet the DOGHOUSE hotel if you near Columbus, Ohio, visit the 42-acre site. You can visit their beer museum, a 6,000 sq ft of history and knowledge. It's the worlds first hotel in a brewery. DOGHOUSE has 32 rooms and eight deluxe suites that the interior is so epic,

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Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII Golf Club Course

Located near Jordan's Florida home, Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII Golf Club Course is futuristic, sophisticated, high-tech, and beachside luxury. After opening the state-of-the-art private golf course, Jordan decides to name it after his famous number from the Chicago

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The Headland House at Dovecote

Alongside the Australian cost, locate a truly 150-acre architecture marvel - a house from the movies, The Headland House at Dovecote. The stunning cliffside mansion has used for the film The Invisible Man, based on an 1897 novel by H.G. Wells. The Headland House has

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Ladera House

Landscaping the Sierra Nevada, Spain, the concrete architecture, Ladera House, has unique minimalism and bold structure. The two pavilions half form into the terrain and expose the house as it comes from the soil. Moreover, the bedrooms are entirely immersed below the

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Bowen Island House

Observing the magnificent Bowen Island in British Columbia, nestled along the north shore, the Bowen Island House located at the very best spot faces the water. The modern house's surrounding nature blends with the grass upon the open roof, witnessing all around with

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Zaha Hadid Architects Shenzhen's Science & Technology Museum

Guangming Science City in China's Shenzhen created the latest Zaha Hadid Architects Shenzhen's Science & Technology Museum. This marvel project was inspired by the urban circulation routes, which explores the "solidity and dynamic curvilinear geometries." The new

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Rosewood Little Dix Bay Hotel

The gorgeous Caribbean retreat, Rosewood Little Dix Bay Hotel, was started by Laurance Rockefeller when he purchased 500 acres back in 1958. During the four years, this incredible place in the Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, has become one of the most popular

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