Atari Hotels

Every vintage gamer can visit the perfect location - Las Vegas that be the first to have Atari Hotels. The developers, GSD Group, decided to bring the first hotel to Las Vegas from a new hotel line to truly enthusiastic fans to enjoy all the hotel offers. GSD Group has

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan

The first Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Milan is undescribable gorgeous. Located in Piazza Cordusio in Milan, the exterior is majestic Italian grand old-fashioned for every coffee lovers. Moreover, the modern interior has an Instagram material, fixed with well-planned

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Workstation Cabin

Hello Woods, let you the choice to choose what the Workstation Cabin uses you, whether it's an office use, guest house, cabin porn, man cave, or anything you can want. Moreover, the geometric wood shape can be finished just in a few days, thanks to its prefabricated

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Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience

Dive back into the year 1985, and visit Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience. Become a Hawkins resident and experience the most epic adventure Stranger Things fans can enjoy. Fever and Netflix never let you and your friends forget about the thrilling world of Stranger

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Movikheien Cabins

Spacegroup has visualized the Movikheien Cabins alongside the coast of Norway. In the sturdy forest, the 16 wooden cabins blend perfectly with the existing area. Travelers who stay in the retreat can easily access the walking paths near every house connected as a trails

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North Pole Igloos Hotel is something you need in your life's to-do list

North Pole Igloos Hotel is something you need in your life's to-do list. Not many places can offer you the perfect and unique experience when traveling. Nevertheless, only in April you can book it on request, and enjoy an extreme adventure at the North Pole.

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Four Seasons Golden Triangle

The luxury safari-style retreat is when you go to Thailand's Four Seasons Golden Triangle, where the borders of Laus and Burma are meet. Moreover, the resort has 15 luxury canvas tents with pampering kings size beds and hand-hammered copper bathtubs. The Four Seasons

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Anthenea Floating Eco-Lux Hotel Suite

The open window is the view of the ocean. Meet the Anthenea Floating Eco-Lux Hotel Suite, which gives another meaning for under the sea experience like never before. Therefore, scientific research has shown that the best thing about how our money is spending is on

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The Fyre Festival Private Island presently for sale for $11.8M

The Fyre Festival Private Island presently for sale for $11.8M. The island known location at Saddleback Cay in Exuma, Bahamas. However, in 2017, the Fyre Festival event marked on Instagram as the next Coachella. Moreover, the Fyre Festival considered being primarily

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Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort is Australia's most luxury and iconic island that you never saw before. The Hayman resort is not any like other resort. Around it, you'll find a Great Barrier Reef in Whitsundays. Moreover, the natural beauty of the island is just

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