Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

Any well-done workout needs its muscles recovery, and the Hyperice Hypervolt Plus is the perfect solution. With intelligent Hypervolt percussion, the Bluetooth connectivity massager is a powerful and smart treatment after a good workout. And like your body and muscles

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MicroClimate Air Helmet

The MicroClimate Air Helmet might be the solution for the current pandemic; we all find ourselves worldwide. The HEPA filters in the helmet filters both inlet oxygen and outlet oxygen. Both of the two fans are located in the front and back. Moreover, the acrylic visor

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2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe & Roadster

The significant upgrade of the 2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe & Roadster has pointed to the power it holds. The boosted 54-horsepower gaining the 523HP twin-turbo V8 to vehicles to achieve from 0-60 miles-per-hour in almost 0.2-seconds. It is much faster than their

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RED Komodo 6K Camera

The smallest cinema RED Komodo 6K Camera has known for its unparalleled quality, lower price, and the body's unique design. The Super 35 sensor can capture the camera's rare 6144×3240 6K Redcode RAW video. Moreover, the Komodo has an integrated Canon RF for a countless

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Bulgari x Fragment Man Watch

The designer frontman of Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara has partnered with the Italian jeweler Bulgari, and both of them have shared another new product. The Bulgari x Fragment Man Watch is a masculine, sleek, bold, and black watch. The design combined aesthetic clean matte

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Google Pixel 5

It looks like the new Google Pixel 5 has waited for the 5G to be the ultimate phone for the latest ultra-high-speed generation. The new Pixel from Google builds for performance, for superfast downloads, gaming streaming if you play on Google Stadia, and sharing.

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