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Milan Red is the flawless supercar
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Milan Red is the flawless supercar


An exceptional vehicle that makes a bond with the performance to its driver as unified on the road. Besides the Milan Red performance, they emphasize safety. Carbon fiber is the primary 'shield' material of the car. Therefore the subframe bearing engine, suspension system, and passenger cell gathered together from the hypercar factory. Milan has over more 1300 HP (Horse Power) and a 1,033 lb-ft of torque. That means the full 7.000 rpm will give you the full 1.325 hp strength. The supercar provides the result of its quad-turbo V8. This existential hypercar can get to its top speed of 248 MPH. If your 'heart is in the right place', at that speed, it will stay in the same spot. Now the performance is another story. The top speed of the Milan Red is 400 KPH, and her 0-100 acceleration is only 2.47 sec.

Flying Aerodynamic

The Milan Red has front and rear wings that give the aerodynamics integration with the breaks. Both the airbrake function and the splitter. The tires and wheels are from Forged aluminum wheels, and this is the best thing that can go with the brakes technology; Brembo “CCM-R” Carbon Ceramic. About the safety, the Milan Red team take no risks. The CFRP crash structure, and suspension system and even the passenger cell, combine all to ensure the safest ride from that beast car.


The manufacture of the Milan Red is 99 units until now 18 orders placed. So far, it's your time. For each flawless Milan, there is a team of MILAN’s expert and specialists. That means, for every unit you buy; You can no-doubt feel that hypercar created just for you in a one-time manufactured line. For this insane car, you will pay €2 million more or less. Every euro or penny is worth that cosmo driving dream.

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