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Laffite Automobili Atrax Off-Road Electric Hyper SUV
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Laffite Automobili Atrax Off-Road Electric Hyper SUV


The idea of high-performance all-terrain supercars becoming popular in the ultra-luxury automotive segment was once thought to be impossible; however, it is now witnessing a surge in demand. This niche market of extravagant off-road vehicles has been established thanks to icons like the Porsche 911 Dakar and Lamborghini Huracán Serrano. Furthermore, adventure enthusiasts are increasingly favoring these vehicles. Affine Automobile intends to join the competition with its pioneering offering. After noticing this developing trend, the Italian Electric Vehicle (EV) start-up introduced the all-electric Tax HyperSUV.

Turin is where Affine Automobile, founded by Pascal Cohen and Bruno Affine, operates. Creating homologized race cars for the road is the firm's vision. In addition, the luxury cars will feature cutting-edge fully-electric powertrains. The company revealed three new models recently. The Tax HyperSUV has deservedly gained the most attention among them.

Laffite Automobili Atrax Off-Road Electric Hyper SUV

The Tax HyperSUV has caused great interest. Furthermore, it has created a significant prior instance as the initial sports utility vehicle built around a central carbon monocoque. The innovative double wishbone suspension system featuring push rods is combined with this unique chassis. Additionally, solid off-road wheels come installed with Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires.

The HyperSUV's interior cabin is designed to resemble that of a race car, with an opulent carbon-clad interior featuring a stationary driver's seat and a distinct 2+1 seating setup. If you were to look at its robust structure alone, the car weighs in at 4,850 lbs. Nevertheless, drivers still have access to three specific hydraulic suspension settings that offer various spring stiffness levels and ride heights. All of these options can be selected from the steering wheel.

Some hemp fiber-based composite panels compliment the carbon fiber bodywork encasing the 116" wheelbase of the Tax HyperSUV.  The bodywork measures 196" by 78". The width of 7 inches (ca. 18 cm) exhibits flared exposed carbon wheel arches, a movable rear wing, and a diffuser. A distinctive spider-like formation crowns the hyper-SUV's rear deck lid. It works as both a hydraulic system to lift the full-sized spare wheel and tire and maintains its security using this structure.

The Tax HyperSUV's true marvel is found in its heart. More precisely, a robust electric powertrain delivers 1,151hp and 1,844ft (0.56 km)-lbs of torque. The top speed of this powerhouse is set at 150mph (ca. 241 km/h), and its acceleration time from the point of zero to sixty mph is an impressive three seconds. 8 seconds. A battery that can recharge from 20% to 80% in only 22 minutes powers the powertrain of Tax, which also contains a high-strength aluminum gearbox, giving it almost 275 miles (ca. 443 km) of range.

Affine Automobile is set to create a Baa and Dakar-grade off-road variant of the HyperSUV for racing purposes. They will also create a Stradale-spec version for road use, furthermore. There will be only 26 units produced worldwide for the limited edition Tax HyperSUV.  Scheduled for commencement in March 2024, delivery will be priced at $1,690,000. The Tax HyperSUV by Affine Automobile redefines the standard for all-terrain supercars, hitting a home run.

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LAFFITE / $1,690,000
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