The Unusual Suspect

Back in 2007, the global financial crisis began and swept a young British college student, Stephen Jackley, to an extreme place he couldn't imagine that he'll be in that position. Because of the increasing indifference toward economic equality, Stephen got gripped by

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YEZO Luxury Retreat

The designers Kristof Crolla and Julien Klisz created YEZO Luxury Retreat, which is situated on top of Hokkaido's northern mountain range. The main central concrete chimney structure defines as an anchor for this fantastic architecture surrounded by glued timber beams

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Casa Odyssia

Landscapes the island of Corfu coast, placed the Casa Odyssia alongside the mountain. The concrete structure gives the feeling of nature merges with the house that organically blends with the bushes and olive trees surrounded this magnificent architecture. The circular

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Caviar Golden Rock Sony PlayStation 5

By taking available consumer electronics and other products, the Royal Gift company creating another absurdly expensive new product. The Caviar Golden Rock Sony PlayStation 5 has 20 kilograms of gold-covered its exterior in a geometric form similar to the outlines of

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The Code Breaker

The author Walter Isaacson, known forLeonardo da Vinci and Steve Jobs's bestselling, has stunned us with The Code Breaker. Nobel Prize winner Jennifer Doudna and her colleagues give their full attention to turn their curiosity into an invention, cure diseases, fend off

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Diagonal Dwelling Sloping House by NYDE Studio

In the vast scenery of the Scottish Highlands', the Diagonal Dwelling Sloping House by NYDE Studio has a shocking, unconventional, and unique shape design. Thanks to the 55-degree angle of the structure, the Sloping House has sophisticated ready-made prefab cabins that

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Dune by Frank Herbert

Not every book gets the title of winning the Nebula Award, and Dune by Frank Herbert even shared the Hugo Award that takes the science fiction genre into a whole new epic grandness. In an inhospitable world, on a desert planet Arrakis, the only significant value is the

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Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII Golf Club Course

Located near Jordan's Florida home, Michael Jordan's Grove XXIII Golf Club Course is futuristic, sophisticated, high-tech, and beachside luxury. After opening the state-of-the-art private golf course, Jordan decides to name it after his famous number from the Chicago

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The Headland House at Dovecote

Alongside the Australian cost, locate a truly 150-acre architecture marvel - a house from the movies, The Headland House at Dovecote. The stunning cliffside mansion has used for the film The Invisible Man, based on an 1897 novel by H.G. Wells. The Headland House has

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The Star Wars Archives 1999–2005

Once again, the author Paul Duncan teamed up with George Lucas and Lucasfilm to make more conclusive aspect for The Star Wars Archives 1999–2005 and plunged even deeper into the making of the prequels. Inside the archives pages, the reader will be swept away behind the

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