Dune by Frank Herbert

Not every book gets the title of winning the Nebula Award, and Dune by Frank Herbert even shared the Hugo Award that takes the science fiction genre into a whole new epic grandness. In an inhospitable world, on a desert planet Arrakis, the only significant value is the

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The Star Wars Archives 1999–2005

Once again, the author Paul Duncan teamed up with George Lucas and Lucasfilm to make more conclusive aspect for The Star Wars Archives 1999–2005 and plunged even deeper into the making of the prequels. Inside the archives pages, the reader will be swept away behind the

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Legends Ultimate Home Arcade

It's not the original vintage arcade, but the Legends Ultimate Home Arcade is a comfortable full-sized cabinet with all the best and classic games. Inside, you'll find more than 300 built-in games likeBubble Bobble,Tetris, Centipede, Star Wars, Space Invaders, and more

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Theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards

Some people play cards, some people using cards, and even as a collectible item, but they do both. The Theory11 James Bond 007 Playing Cards can enter that area when possessing both collectible and high-quality cards pack. The iconic 007 inspired playing cards gives

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The Shining Escape Room Board Game

Unfortunately, not just for those in quarantine, but also on weekends and want to bring the escape room to their living room. The Shining Escape Room Board Game is a refreshing game that leaves a taste for more. Moreover, the classic Escape Room game sets the fictional

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SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Concept

When a great CEO like Elon Musk owns and runs both Tesla and SpaceX companies, the creativity comes from that man is admirable. SpaceX Cyber6 Cybertruck Concept is taking our Tesla Cybertruck from our home to place it on another planet. The design of Charlie Automotive

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Action Park America's Most Dangerous Amusement Park

Amusement and theme parks attracting millions of people a year, they are thrilling, exciting, scary, and fun to be. Action Park America's Most Dangerous Amusement Park is not about the scariest rides but its history. The Action Park in New Jersey Park, often called

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Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Unlike the known version, Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is made for adults and kids to enjoy the cleverness the game has to offer. The game is extra fun for the family time currently most of us experience during the pandemic. The game is simple: every round

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The Last Blockbuster Sleepover

We live in a different time when we can see any movie or film that we desire in the palm of our hand. But for those who miss the nostalgic days of renting a movie, The Last Blockbuster Sleepover offers the experience to go back to the beautiful time of the '90s. Sandi

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LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR Replica

GT's world, created by unparalleled engineering, has inspired the latest LEGO Technic Porsche 911 RSR Replica model. Now with this amazingly detailed replica, you can play, display, and of course, built it. However, to celebrate sports car engineering, the design pieces

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