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Lucasfilm is celebrating 50 years of amazing storytelling, and what better way to commemorate it than with the brand-new LEGO R2-D2 set? Number 75308, this detailed and intricate set pays tribute to one of the most iconic characters in all of Star Wars.

Consisting of a whopping 2,314 pieces, this impressive build stands approximately one foot tall and comes with an R2-D2 mini figure, Lucasfilm 50th anniversary brick, display stand, and information plaque. The features are endless when it comes to this remarkable recreation of R2-D2. An updated model from the original, there's a retractable mid-leg for stability that can be folded up or down for different options. On top of that, you have the rotating head, which hides Luke Skywalker's lightsaber hilt behind a hatch door, plus an extendable front hatch for further additions or accessories. What's more, it is an extendable periscope that lets you spy further into galaxies far away.

Every piece serves a purpose in making this stunning replica come alive, from its shining metal exterior to small details like sensors, wires, and various other control panels scattered around its body. Every inch has been carefully crafted to ensure that no detail goes unnoticed, and every fan can revel in admiration as they behold not just a fantastic creation but also a genuinely magnificent recreation of what is arguably the most beloved Droid in all of Star Wars history.

It's clear why die-hard fans and casual collectors alike would love this new LEGO R2-D2 build — aside from being utterly awe-inspiring with its attention to detail and masterful craftsmanship, and it also offers great functionality and playability too. With its adjustable legs allowing it to move around with ease as well as some hidden compartments for extra storage space.

Even if you decide not to take part in any adventures or missions — it will undoubtedly draw attention from friends, family members (or even enemies) who cast their eyes upon such an exquisite piece of artistry.

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