Spaceport City
Spaceport City

The magnificent Association between Dentsu, Space Port Japan, Canaria, and Noiz, has revealed the futuristic Spaceport City. At first sight, it looks like taken from a good sci-fi movie. But the purpose-made for two things. The is for traditional fuzing transportation with a commercial space shuttle, and the other is for exploring and studying space as a research center. Moreover, the architectural structure series of spherical volumes placed above sea level departed for a different purpose. On top of the formation, the singular rooftop has kinetic solar panels that power the structure. Patios, farmlands, and open-air gardens are some of whats the Spaceport has to offer. Underground you'll find the train station with technical space; the other two-levels are the plazas for departures and arrivals.

Spaceport City
Photos Credit: 
Noiz Architects / Space Port Japan Association / Dentsu / Canaria
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