Nine Inch Nails Free Double Album

Once in a while, we can all enjoy a little treatment and surprises from artists, entrepreneurs, brands, etc., that fills our soul with their free stuff. The full-length instrumental pair albums Nine Inch Nails Free Double Album just dropped for free download.

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U.S. Currency Redesign Concept

Since the last redesign in 2003 of the United States currency, taken a well-designed futuristic look by the Belarusian designer Andrey Avgust. The U.S. Currency Redesign Concept has a 90-degrees turn with a new, more attractive format of the one, five, 10, 20, 50, and

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UPGRD: The XX Vinyl Collection

Our first UPGRD is a collection of things, products that we share with our readers that we think its the best mingle between the stuff, and our first is The XX Vinyl Collection. We chose three albums: The Xx, Coexist, and I See You. I See You is close to the pop

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Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience

Dive back into the year 1985, and visit Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience. Become a Hawkins resident and experience the most epic adventure Stranger Things fans can enjoy. Fever and Netflix never let you and your friends forget about the thrilling world of Stranger

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The Last Of Us Day

Naughty Dog has announced its new titled: The Last Of Us Day, which takes place every September 26. The annual community celebration event was initially called Outbreak Day, but they renamed it during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Last Of Us Part II

After long waiting, it's getting closer than ever, in the meanwhile, we can enjoy the trailer. The Last Of Us Part II Trailer 2 more epic than the fans have expected. Thanks to Naughty Dog's exceptional post-apocalyptic game, every atom in your body chill to that

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Apple TV+ Streaming Service is going to be a pocket drain

Apple TV+ Streaming Service is going to be a pocket drain. After Netflix, Hulu comes the knockout from Apple. The company has announced that the TV+ service be available on November 1 in over 100 countries. Furthermore, every tv show is going to be original to the

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Infinity Masculine Spotify Playlists

It's finally here, The Infinity Masculine Spotify Playlists. Spotify is one of the best and known Music streaming services in the world. The best streaming service has got to have almost all the Albums, Songs, Artist, and the latest songs. The Infinity Masculine

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Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition

The Voyager Golden Record is not any like other records out there; In 1977, NASA launches two space crafts into the unknown deep space. The Voyager I and the Voyager II is making thier way to our solar system and away beyond that course. For each spacecraft, the

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