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10 Best Netflix Tips and Hacks for 2022
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10 Best Netflix Tips and Hacks for 2022


We found Netflix Best Hacks that level you up! The platform is one of the world's best and most popular streaming services, and it is always involved in the evening, weekends, date nights, and family nights. For instance, Netflix has become a part of our life. Worldwide, movie and tv show lovers have become addicted to Netflix. The popular streaming service has become a phenomenal streaming service that has continued enriching our lives.

However, we spent too much time finding the perfect movie rather than watch. We gather all the best Netflix hacks and tips to take control of our hands. In our opinion, that can make our all life much more comfortable and take the Netflix experience to another level. Before you keep reading, note that some hacks can be applied only from the Desktop browser and not from the Netflix app itself. SO let's dive in with the 10 Best Netflix Tips and Hacks for 2022.

Netflix Roulette

1. Netflix Roulette

Netflix Roulette saves you tons of time. How many times do you find yourself searching for the movie you want? Above all, you sometimes spend more time than the film's length. With Netflix Roulette, you can pick a GENRE, movie, or TV Show and click to get every time to randomize a film or a tv show.

Netflix Roulette Website

Deleting Netflix Activities

2. Deleting Netflix Activities

Deleting Netflix Activities can remove your recent movies or tv shows from other users if you have more than one user in one account, like other family members or friends. Alternatively, you don't want your friends or family to see the latest movies you have watched. You can remove any of your latest movie or tv shows.

Manage Activities

Netflix Secret Codes

3. Netflix Secret Codes

Sometimes you browse from the Action category but don't find what you're looking for. For instance, because Netflix cannot put all its categories in the menu, it is divided into many categories and sub-categories. Luckily for you, there is a whole complete list of specific categories.
For Example:

If you put the code: 67673, you get only Disney movies.

Category Codes

Netflix Party

4. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a chrome extension that lets you and all your friends watch together with your favorite TV show or movie and chat while the movie or tv show is playing. It is an excellent way to talk while debating a specific plot like Stranger Things.

Netflix Party

 Kicking Off all Users

5. Kicking Off all Users

Sometimes you find that you forgot which devices you were login into, or you have a friend that you gave him your Netflix account, but now he's given it to his friends. You can log out from any devices that you have logged in to by just going to:

Account - Sign Out of All Devices

Customize Subtitles

6. Customize Subtitles

If you don't like how the subtitles are showing, you can customize them by going to:

Account - your profile - appearance

Download Movies & Shows offline

7. Download Movies & Shows offline

Whether you are on a flight or a place with no good 4G, you don't want to spend all your bandwidth. You can easily download it from your Smartphone or Tablet directly to your device and watch it offline. You can even go to settings to choose which resolution you want to download.

 4K and Full HD

8. 4K and Full HD

Are you unsure what resolution you're on and want to see Narcos or Stranger Things 3 in 4K? To make sure of that, go to:

No Buffering

9. No Buffering

One of the most annoying things is that you are in a place with barely two bars of 3G and get the spinning circle. You can watch in low resolution or let Netflix choose for you automatically. Just go to:

Account Settings - Playback - Choose “auto” or “low.”

Netflix New Content, The "Coming Soon"

10. Netflix New Content, The "Coming Soon"

Netflix is known for updating the database all the time. Every month they added new movies and shows. If you are eager to know what they are planning for our next visit:


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