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Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World
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Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World


What if having the most incredible job in the world was your reality? In Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World, Dave McOmie takes readers along for a week in his life as a professional safecracker.

From an intimidating vault on the Vegas strip with a midnight deadline to Prince's highly-protected music storage down in Paisley Park and a clandestine meeting with the DoD at an obscure destination to open two secure safes, McOmie reveals all of his exceptional "work" as well as what he discovers locked within them.

Truth be told, safe cracking is an art – one that requires skillful planning, careful technique, and intense concentration. But thanks to McOmie's incredible talents and engaging storyline, readers are provided with unparalleled access into this mysterious world of exploration and discovery.

Embarking on an incredible journey that involves exciting challenges such as electronic locksmithing, bypass mechanisms, and lightning-fast decoding methods, what awaits ahead is a gripping adventure filled with suspenseful action and charmingly quirky characters.

From cutting-edge technology to old-school tools like grinding wheels and dynamite, each challenge set before Dave McOmie becomes more thrilling than the last. Plus, as we explore each mission through his eyes, our anticipation builds for what 'treasure' he'll find hidden inside. He often uncovers remarkable artifacts from bygone eras – coins, jewelry, and vials filled with liquid gold – but it's the personal stories behind them that really drives home the reward of pursuing this unique line of work.

Safecracker is quite simply a riveting portrayal of an exhilarating career choice, one where ingenuity triumphs over all else. Detailed yet vivid descriptions make readers feel engaged throughout while also giving us glimpses into how skilled criminals think or why they select certain safes to crack. It's clear McOmie puts forth every effort when cracking these intriguing fortresses, weaving together compelling anecdotes that make this book stand out amongst others.

For anyone curious about entering the profession or simply wanting to gain insight into life as a professional, safe cracker, then reading Safecracker is essential. Filled with informative facts but still infinitely captivating, this book provides fascinating insights into how locks are opened while also showcasing just how rewarding this craft can be – both professionally and personally.

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Lyons Press
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