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Kolude Keyhub Keyboard


Keyboard enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals who appreciate the convenience of a USB hub will be thrilled by Kolude's Keyhub Keyboard. This amazing, all-in-one keyboard is equipped with the most popular USB-C data port, a USB-C PD charging port, and three USB-A 3.0 and one USB-A 2.0 port for maximum data transfer speed and compatibility with a wide range of products

As an extra convenience, the Keyhub brings an integrated TF/SD card slot that enhances its versatility even further, plus an HDMI port for 4K/30Hz compatibility as well as 2K, 1080P, and 720P video support. The Kolude Keyhub Keyboard is quite simply a brilliant piece of technology. It blends top-notch keyboard features with incredible convenience through its powerful components. The incredibly fast USB-C power delivery (PD) port offers efficient power transfer rates over 18w ~ 100w and makes this keyboard truly stand apart from the crowd. On top of that, unparalleled downward compatibility lets you use it with older hardware like hard drives, dongles, and mice without any hassle whatsoever. Add to this the robust HDMI port with outstanding 4K/30Hz qualities along with other impressive media output capabilities, making this product a must-have in any work or gaming environment.

For people looking to make their lives easier while staying connected on the go or when at home, there's no better choice than the Kolude Keyhub Keyboard. A remarkable combination of cutting-edge tech and swift functionality will turn any computer into an ultra-modern powerhouse. With its sleek design, versatile components, and reliable performance, this exquisite device is nothing short of phenomenal; capable yet compact; sophisticated yet simple; strong yet sleek; fast yet functional – it's truly inspirational.

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