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Infiniti Project Black S has the purpose of F1
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Infiniti Project Black S has the purpose of F1


Infiniti Project Black S is the result of co-op between Infinity and Renault. The main goal is to bring F1 technologies. And they have to push it's all potential to this sports project. Because of the developed innovation, we've got the soul of a race car in this coupe body. But the performance gives more power beyond our expectations. The Black S has instant electric torque and lag-free acceleration. As a result, the system helps to deliver the energy recovery from its dual hybrid mechanism.

“A collaborative venture between INFINITI and the Renault Sports Formula One™ Team, the Project Black S prototype is a testbed for new ideas and technologies, demonstrating how our Alliance partnerships could make our ambitious visions a reality.”

The Black S has a Turbo-charged V6 internal combustion engine, which gives us both kinetic and heats energy excellent performance. The V6 featured with 3.0-litre twin-turbo, that offers the 563 BHP Total power. That is impressive. If we compare with the previous model, the Infinity Black S weights 24 kg more then the Q60 Sport. That means the whole 1,776 kg will bring the driving skills to the test. Till 2021 all the Infiniti and Renault will be electrified, so we can understand that they espouse this essential trait of technology. The carbon brake discs, breaking, and acceleration is done by brake by wire. The feeling is more secure in high-speed breaking. They mean business for all of their steps. You will the precise control you need.

Take it to the next level!

In conclusion, the driving experience is something that the future will talk about for the long term. And here comes the area of racing tech in the head of the spear. When holding on the wheel, you'll get the enormous sensation of smooth driving inspiration that will keep you more than excited. We can't wait for Infiniti and Renault merger for what they were preparing to take it in the next few years. Just mind blowing that we all enjoyed it from their partnership.

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