Bugatti 100th anniversary launched the Divo
Bugatti 100th anniversary launched the Divo

Not every car can be write down in history. Meet the Italian next level of supercars. The Bugatti Divo has the stuff that empowers your adrenaline right away. Is the most electric car when it comes to perfection.


The year 2019 can be written in history for the 110th anniversary for Bugatti that created this mind blowing machine. It's driving experience takes place in your heart that will lose a few heartbeats. Every drive you make in this breathtaking beast will accelerate your soul along with the corners you take. And if we mentioned the edges, this is where it gets terrific. Every curved that the Bugatti Divo takes, you will feel it's like she was born there. This car born for corners and you can feel it in the performance. You'll never forget the bends, the moment will stay with you all your life, and every time you will be driving it.


The production of the Bugatti DIVO has a limit only for 40 units. Therefore, only the 40 lucky ones can get there hands on this masterpiece. A little bit about the DIVO: every unit sold for €5,000,000. Good to know that the Bugatti DIVO named after the racing driver Albert Divo, and if we mentioned racing, the Bugatti Divo could accelerate from 0 to 100 KM/H in just 2.4 seconds! It means that your soul stays at the start point, and your entire body goes to another dimension. They also took the design to the next level, with this unique shape, Bugatti wants to shape the future, for next to come.

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