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FELO FW-06 DX EV Scooter
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FELO FW-06 DX EV Scooter


Motorcycle fans, rejoice! Kymco has recently released a revolutionary electric two-wheeler known as the FW-06 DX. Combining the performance capabilities of a small-displacement petrol-powered machine with an aggressive and futuristic look, this impressive scooter is sure to have heads turning.

Partnering with FELO, Kymco has equipped this sleek and powerful ride with a PMAC motor integrated into a single-sided swing-arm that generates 10kW (13.5hp) and 22ft-lbs of torque. With this powerhouse combined with a 96V 88Ah Lithium-ion battery, riders get an impressive 87-mile range and 1200 recharge cycles before needing to juice up again. Not only that, but the ATS two-speed transmission provides torquier acceleration for around-town rides as well as increased speed for higher-performance applications such as freeway cruising or open-road excursions. As if that wasn't enough, Kymco also designed the FW with LED lighting throughout as well as connectivity to a smartphone app for real-time performance and battery monitoring along with a digital keyless fob and ignition system.

Delivering an exhilarating ride with cutting-edge technology at an affordable price tag, the FELO FW delivers advanced features without breaking the bank. The standard DX model carries an MSRP of $4,500, while its cheaper GL equivalent offers a slightly shorter range at 68 miles and saves customers $310 off the list price at $4,190. Whether you're looking for a reliable urban commuter or an agile weekend adventurer, Kymco presents bicycle enthusiasts everywhere with incredible value in their sporty yet competent electric scooter.

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FELO / $4,190+
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