Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooter

Anywhere your go, whether it's the most transparent water in some island snorkeling, lake, pool, or lagoon, the Geneinno S2 Portable Sea Scooter is the perfect solution. This portable, lightweight scooter is compatible with GoPro or light and has a monitoring app.

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Officina Armare x U-Boat Aquanaut Catamaran

At first sight, it looks like an elegant catamaran design, but at second sight, you'll notice the mini-sub at the back. The result: Officina Armare x U-Boat Aquanaut Catamaran is genuinely unique. This remarkable collaboration between U-Boat Werx and Officina Armare

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Ninebot x Lamborghini GoKart Pro

Not everyone can afford Lamborghini, but Xiamoi gives the perfect opportunity with the Ninebot x Lamborghini GoKart Pro. The impeccable design has the iconic Lamborghini label and emblem, painted with the classic Giallo Orion yellow and the rear wing. The GoKart Pro

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Sunreef 49M Power Yacht

The massive Sunreef 49M Power Yacht designed to hold perfect travel with max enjoyments. The Sunreef is 160 feet long and 55 feet wide of catamaran design. The Yacht itself can hold up to 10 guests and 17 crew members. Furthermore, the Power Yacht has various water

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Aurora Powertrains Electric Snowmobile

Aurora Powertrains Electric Snowmobile specially designed for the conditions of the Arctic Circle. The next-generation vehicle builts for the unique Arctic nature. Moreover, the electric snowmobile lets you ride silently into the wilderness of the white world.

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Fliteboard Makes you fly like Jetboards with wings.

Fliteboard Makes you fly like Jetboards with wings. The sensational feeling of flying over water is just strange in the right way. Moreover, the freedom the Fliteboard gives you when you go fast without wind or waves is just incredible. Furthermore, it is quiet, fast

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Headless Electric Cruiser

Now these days, we transport our way through the crowded city with different, and yet neat, transportation. Headless Electric Cruiser skateboard is a refreshing new electric board that defined itself from the others. Moreover, a little change is a significant change.

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80 Sunreef Power Catamaran

The 80 Sunreef Power Catamaran belongs to one of the greatest tennis players the world has ever known. Rafael Nadal recently puts his hand on the mega luxury custom made 80 Sunreef Power catamaran. Moreover, the Catamaran designed for long cruises. So everywhere

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2020 Living Vehicle Trailer

2020 Living Vehicle Trailer is the ultimate freedom for luxurious residence on wheels. The independence of the grid gives us true freedom of life. The Living Vehicle Trailer design lets us feel right at home from the moment we take our first step into the trailer.

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Vanquish Yachts Vanqraft VQ16 Boat

Vanquish Yachts Vanqraft VQ16 Boat it's not a jet-ski nor for one person, but to five passengers. The Vanqraft VQ16 Boat 1.8L Yamaha engine has 200hp (horsepower) with jet propulsion. Therefore, the speed can go up to 40 knots in the standard model. On the other hand

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