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Rezvani tank X is the tactical vehicle that go beyond any expectations
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Rezvani tank X is the tactical vehicle that go beyond any expectations


Rezvani Tank X, the tactical vehicle got his main headline and purpose. To be the luxurious capable on the road and the off-road vehicle that ever manufactured. It is the pure driving with his powerful core of 6.2 liters supercharger of a V8. Sit down you hearing right, and it has 707 HP (Horse Power) engine. The Rezvani Tank X also got a thermal night vision system, that can display heat signatures. And auxiliary lights, This feature turns night into day with a push of a button. The body armor covers all sides of this magnificent.

Off Road

What is stands out is the High-performance brakes that give a very powerful breaking when needs. The massive 16-inch brakes with the eight-piston brake calipers provide the suspension with the best handle. In any breaking scenario, it should do the job correctly. With all the goods of the breaking, it plays well with the 4 X 4 on demand when you take it off the road. The feeling of the drive will take place, and the driver will realize he experiences something unusual and perfect for the most robust paths.

What are you waiting

Every piece is handmade, that can take over 4000 hours to manufacture. Take the design to your hand. In their website, you can order and customize your from color to multimedia system and of course the part. dIts aluminum wheels forged by aircraft-grade don't give the idea of what inside: The mouth dropping luxury entertainment system and interior design when you are opening the rear doors for easy access. The magnum opus is what we have to write down in our notebook. The Rezvani Tank X its awe-inspiring vehicle, it's the perfect tactical design and uses out there. The specification is more than the high expectations, and for that, this can get a five star rank for the off-road adventure.

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Rezvani Motors
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