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Monolit Beach House is mesmerizing
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Monolit Beach House is mesmerizing

Nature, concrete, and straight-line architecture design is only the edge of what Monolit Beach House represents. This magnificent architecture art piece blends perfectly with the beach with is the geometric, futuristic look. It is not the first glimpse of a Baywatch hut look alike. The Monolit Beach House is the perfect connection of man, architecture, and the vast endless ocean.

At the base, the Monolit Beach House is lying on a massive rock he holds the entire residence up in the air. Therefore, let the tide to cross underneath without interruption to nature. On the first level, the living room is open and surrounds by the ocean from all directions. Holds the beauty of the waves to blend in with the interior design. On the top level, the infinity pool is unbelievable. The infinite pool gets you one step closer to the ocean, let everyone knows that the architecture marvel is genuinely part of the shore only if it was more than just a concept. To see this kind of marvel is a real treat for the eyes. When a man looks at this kind of architecture art, his only thought in mind is to relax and get his piece of haven all masculine man needs.

Monolit Beach House Pass
Monolit Beach House Sunset
Monolit Beach House Inside
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