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House Inside a Rock Concept is enormously amazing
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House Inside a Rock Concept is enormously amazing

The House Inside a Rock Concept inspired Amey Kandalgaonkar from Madain Saleh from rock-cut Saudi Arabia tomb architecture. Amey was tremendously enjoying creating this 3D rock; And wondering, if there is any billionaire out there that wanted to make this concept come true. It's very similar to Tony Stark from Iron Man house in Malibu, California. His Unusual house on the edge of the cliff right in front of the ocean.

House Inside a Rock geometric design of the concrete, merged with the rock is an unbelievable sophisticate. Therefore, it is making the impression of the smart and intelligent look and making the house its character. However, what Amey did with craving through in the large rock is pretty stunning and marvelous work.

Amey Kandalgaonkar is an architect based in Shanghai. But seems like her idea was from Madain Saleh who craved tombs faces on sandstone rock. If some billionaire wanted to rise Amey's concept project to life, it would cost a lot. Architectural lovers can lean back and enjoy Amey Kandalgaonkar extraordinary work. In other words, it is impressed by the infinity pool that perceives both the ocean and landscape beauty.

Photos Credit: 
Amey Kandalgaonkar
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