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SONOS Ray Soundbar


The SONOS Ray Soundbar is the latest audio solution from SONOS that allows users to experience high-quality sound without needing to invest in a giant speaker. It features two waveguide tweeters and mid-woofers that face forward, allowing it to live happily in a cabinet or media stand where units with drivers aimed in every direction would suffer.

Dolby Digital over optical connection gives users great sound quality, while the limited number of speakers keeps size and cost down – making it an ideal middle ground. The Ray works perfectly as part of an existing Sonos whole-home audio system and can also be easily expanded by adding extra Sonos speakers for complete surround sound. This device is ideal for those who don’t necessarily want or need a large speaker yet want to benefit from external speakers. It delivers convenient, affordable, and exciting sound with crystal clear highs, robust mids, and impressive bass.

Aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, and featuring an efficient design, the SONOS Ray Soundbar offers an exceptional listening experience - one that is dynamic, powerful, and incredibly immersive. Its remarkable versatility and user-friendly interface make it simple to customize your listening experience so you can enjoy your favorite movies or albums in superior sound quality.

By pairing this exquisite product with other trustworthy Sonos products, you can create an incredible multiroom at home that will provide hours of enjoyment for everyone who wants to get lost in music.

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