Helix Treehouse

From first sight, it looks like Antony Gibbon has created the Helix Treehouse for a dark fantasy film or a horror movie. But the identified geometric design he is known for has been giving him right away. Moreover, the timber architecture merged with the surrounding

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WTBA House

In a cliff over Ecuador, Nada Studio creates from their imagination the perfect WTBA House for the ultimate billionaire's man cave. The sensational grand design covers with concrete signal the dramatic luxury of a single-story lair. However, the private areas are

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The $21M Ritz-Carlton Penthouse in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida is breathtaking

The $21M Ritz-Carlton Penthouse in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, is breathtaking fro the first look. The 7,760 square feet penthouse is on the 51st floor at the 52-story luxurious condominium tower. The interior holds a living room, a great room, six-and-a-half bathrooms

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Aston Martin Sylvan Rock House

Only 90 minutes from Manhattan, located on 55 stunning acres of land in Rhinebeck, New York, the Aston Martin Sylvan Rock House re-imagine the modern lifestyle. The luxury residential real-estate designed by Aston Martin that is the first private residential estate.

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Amazon Spheres

Amazon Spheres is a project located at the center of Amazon's Seattle headquarters. The collaboration between Amazon and NBBJ brings the creation of unique office space. Moreover, the three massive glass domes hold more than 40,000 plants

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When your mind goal of plans is far as your dreams, you'll probably imagine your perfect home. TABARQ DESI House designed with incredible details, as a perfect men's haven. Unfortunately, this astonishing mountain manor is not real. Moreover, it is a 3D

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Kanye West's New York Apartment is now for sale for $4.3 Million

Kanye West's New York Apartment is now for sale for $4.3 Million. The 2,427-square-foot unit at 25 West Houston St. has been a resident for Kim and Kanye's. The apartment has an unbelievable city view to north and east thanks to the 13 massive windows. Moreover, the

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St. Andrews Beach Villa

The St. Andrews Beach Villa is the result of the 20-year process situated in the Mornington Peninsula. The St. Andrews Beach Villa architecture along the sandy shores is breathtaking. The first modest seaside shack process began in 1999. Moreover, the dwelling has five

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Monolit Beach House is mesmerizing

Nature, concrete, and straight-line architecture design is only the edge of what Monolit Beach House represents. This magnificent architecture art piece blends perfectly with the beach with is a geometric, futuristic look. It is not the first glimpse of a Baywatch

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Central Park Tower

It can say that the Central Park Tower is the highest residential tower in the world. Unparallel view to the most known landscape on earth, and the most breathtaking view from this tower high. The architects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill has taken the Central Park Tower

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