Mercedes-Benz revives the heritage to all-electric luxury brand
Mercedes-Benz revives the heritage to all-electric luxury brand

Mercedes-Benz revives the heritage car to the all-electric luxury brand, and it is looking incredible. The "Vision Mercedes Simplex" is the design of the new era of the future right from spring 1901. Moreover, the symbolism that history made of mobility in the year 1901 changed rapidly. Back then, in Nice, a high-performance car in Car Week shocked the world, and the change begins.




The two-seated, high-luxury, aerodynamic Vision Mercedes Simplex car has an impeccable design. Furthermore, the rose gold frame with the 3D display that informs you of the vehicle status. The Vision Mercedes Simplex is featuring blue-leather seat frame, hyper analog instrument panel, and white wooden steering-wheel. The transparent wheels suppose to reflect lightness and efficiency. Moreover, together with the aerodynamic areas of the wheels with the body upgrade all-together as one. In other words, the precise technical details, the thrilling design, and the concept of the Simplex itself are one of a kind.

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