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Triumph Rocket 3 TFC is probably the Ultimate Motorcycle
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Triumph Rocket 3 TFC is probably the Ultimate Motorcycle


It is a huge thing to say "The Ultimate Motorcycle," But the Triumph Rocket 3 has gone beyond any expectations. For Triumph Motorcycles the year 2019 wanted to make a massive change in thier Motorbike legacy. Triumph wanted a whole new Rocket bike from a scratch book. They put thier entire points to benchmark for torque, capability, performance, and design.

The new Rocket 3 TFC has a triple engine of 2500cc, in a beat of a heart will stop you to the moment between life and afterlife. This muscular Bike is like no other: the style, the power, and the extraordinary level of premium parts. Triumph manufactured only 750 units of the Rocket 3 TFC worldwide, so it's a must to have. This limited edition is nothing like before.

The Rocket 3 has more than 168 Horsepower, and the world's highest torque - 163 FT-lbs; It's awe-inspiring. You can see the carbon fiber body, that gives the toughest and light for maximum power. It is more than 88 lbs lighter than its forerunner. The design and style are just speechless. From the curves of the seat to every attention for the details is just jaw-dropping. Triumph has manufactured many top-level Motorcycles, but the Rocket 3 is above them with this ultra special edition. For the masculine man, Bikes from the beginning of the two rides wheel, it's been a part of us. We can say it's what it represents us as a man; Like hunting. The power, the speed, and the rawr engine on the free highway are when we start living when our heart is missing a beat.

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