S'well Roxy Bottle

The elevated black diamond design of the new S'well Roxy Bottle keeps the bold, masculine, and modern look. The Roxy bottle has Therma-S'well technology, which keeps the beverages colder or hotter thanks to the triple-layered that featured 18/8, food-grade stainless

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Victorinox Swiss Ranger Onyx Black Knife

Once in a while, we find ourselves in a situation that we need some well-forged tool that can provide us a quick, stable solution. The Victorinox Swiss Ranger Onyx Black Knife is the perfect EDC. Made from the polispectral process, which covers each stainless steel tool

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Samsonite x Jacquard Google Backpack

When we think we have seen and heard everything from Google, they again surprised us with the most innovative smart travel carry companion. The Samsonite x Jacquard Google Backpack. When Google and Samsonite joined forces, they bring the Jacquard technology, and the

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MicroClimate Air Helmet

The MicroClimate Air Helmet might be the solution for the current pandemic; we all find ourselves worldwide. The HEPA filters in the helmet filters both inlet oxygen and outlet oxygen. Both of the two fans are located in the front and back. Moreover, the acrylic visor

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Robbox xDrill

Robbox reinvented the typical drill and packed the Robbox xDrill with tons of tech that suited our 20th century. xDrill powered with a brushless motor and lithium-ion battery. The rechargeable battery can hold up to 3 hours of operation in one single charge.

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Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Whenever going out to camping, traveling hiking, or even picnic, you need to prepare. The Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 is as it sounds, a portable blanket that can almost fit in your pocket. But make no mistakes, this is no ordinary blanket. Moreover, the blanket is

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