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LifeStraw Go Series Water Filter Bottle
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LifeStraw Go Series Water Filter Bottle


If you're new to LifeStraw, it has transformed how we access clean, drinkable water during adventures or in remote places. Their unique straw and Gravity Systems boast advanced filtration technology, shielding users from a remarkable 99.999999% of bacteria, 99.999% of parasites, and other contaminants like microplastics, silt, and sand. Moreover, LifeStraw cleverly integrated filters into pitchers and water bottles for home or office use. The newest addition? An updated range of water bottles is in their Go Series.

While the prior LifeStraw bottles were commendable, they could have been more exceptional. Made of safe plastic and equipped with a unique filtration system that delivered possibly the purest water available, they had some drawbacks. For instance, the lid could have been more convenient for carrying, the foldable straw remained somewhat exposed, and the bottles were only available in 22- or 24-ounce sizes. In this significant revamp— the first since its 2019 debut— the foldable straw has been eliminated and replaced with a drinking spout, which is shielded by a leakproof, twist-on lid that's easy to grip (in contrast to the earlier model's carabiner affixed to the neck). Additionally, the lid offers protection against bacteria accumulation throughout the day.

LifeStraw has also introduced 1-liter options in BPA-free plastic (comprising 50% post-consumer recycled plastic) and double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel. When you sip water from the Go water bottle, it undergoes a dual-stage filtration process. Initially, the water passes through the membrane microfilter, which lasts for approximately 1,000 gallons of consumption. Subsequently, the activated carbon filter comes into play, requiring replacement only after filtering around 26 gallons of water.

As the Go Series evolves, so does its price. Available on LifeStraw's website, the plastic water bottles begin at $45, while the stainless steel variant starts at $60.

In summary, LifeStraw's new range of water bottles in the Go Series is a significant improvement over previous iterations. These bottles offer users a safe and convenient way to access clean drinking water, whether they're off-the-grid or in everyday environments. The addition of 1-liter sizes and the improved spout and lid design make these bottles a practical choice for adventurers and urban dwellers alike. With the two-stage filtration process and durability of the filters, the Go Series promises to continue LifeStraw's legacy of providing clean, safe water to consumers everywhere.

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