Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Whenever going out to camping, traveling hiking, or even picnic, you need to prepare. The Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 is as it sounds, a portable blanket that can almost fit in your pocket. But make no mistakes, this is no ordinary blanket. Moreover, the blanket is

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CRKT Guppie Multitool

CRKT Guppie Multitool has got you covered with all the necessary tools you'll need as a man. CRKT is working with the best world-class designers to bring the most creative and industry-shifting ideas. Moreover, the Guppie Multitool has 8 tools in one small yet very

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SOG 12-Tool ParaShears Black

SOG 12-Tool ParaShears Black got you covered when an emergency occurs. The SOG compatible, compact, and you can fold for you to take anywhere with you. Moreover, the wide variety of functions let you prepared for emergency response. Furthermore, the SOG developed from

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CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool

CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool is one of those tools that you want to keep when things suddenly hit you in the guts. The mechanical engineer, Tom Stokes designed the CRKT Maintenance Tool. Moreover, the tool itself has Torx - T6, and T8 and made of tungsten carbide.

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