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Bury Design Inception 24 Concept Yacht
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Bury Design Inception 24 Concept Yacht

The Bury Design Inception 24 Concept Yacht is a groundbreaking concept yacht by the Australian firm Bury Design. This 79-foot beauty redefines what a Concept Yacht can be, with inspiration from racing yachts and a narrow, lightweight hull that makes it fast and minimizes roll. Moreover, onboard gyro stabilizers increase speed and stability while sailing or at anchor, making this yacht different, although it's currently a concept. Powered by a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion combo, the Inception can provide up to an hour of silent sailing or longer depending on speed. And for those who love high speeds, a high-speed foil hull will be offered with speeds up to 40 knots with room for up to four people on overnight voyages, including two crew members. But for a day sailing trip, it can be ideally suited for 12 people.

Bury Design Inception 24 Yacht Concept
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Bury Design


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