Doghouse beer hotel is the bachelor pad of the hotels

Meet the DOGHOUSE hotel if you near Columbus, Ohio, visit the 42-acre site. You can visit their beer museum, a 6,000 sq ft of history and knowledge. It's the worlds first hotel in a brewery. DOGHOUSE has 32 rooms and eight deluxe suites that the interior is so epic,

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The Headland House at Dovecote

Alongside the Australian cost, locate a truly 150-acre architecture marvel - a house from the movies, The Headland House at Dovecote. The stunning cliffside mansion has used for the film The Invisible Man, based on an 1897 novel by H.G. Wells. The Headland House has

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Rosewood Little Dix Bay Hotel

The gorgeous Caribbean retreat, Rosewood Little Dix Bay Hotel, was started by Laurance Rockefeller when he purchased 500 acres back in 1958. During the four years, this incredible place in the Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, has become one of the most popular

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Anantara Veli Maldives Resort

The Maldives is known for attraction tourism worldwide, and Anantara Veli Maldives Resort is not just like any other resort, the main headline that is very affordable. The Veli resort allows you to rent not only for a month but for unlimited time for $30,000, and enjoy

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Spaceport City

The magnificent Association between Dentsu, Space Port Japan, Canaria, and Noiz, has revealed the futuristic Spaceport City. At first sight, it looks like taken from a good sci-fi movie. But the purpose-made for two things. The is for traditional fuzing transportation

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AirBnB Villa On The Rocks In Bandol, France

This stunning villa surrounded by the unique vineyards in France's wine country at the top of the hillside is built from concrete, wood, glass, and steel. This Airbnb Villa On The Rocks In Bandol, France, has remarkable landscape and architecture that gives you the feel

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The Last Blockbuster Sleepover

We live in a different time when we can see any movie or film that we desire in the palm of our hand. But for those who miss the nostalgic days of renting a movie, The Last Blockbuster Sleepover offers the experience to go back to the beautiful time of the '90s. Sandi

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Pumpkin Island

Across the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, spread across approximately 15-acre, the Pumpkin Island eco-resort is available for purchase. The island offers five cottage guests for accommodations that can populate up to 34 people. Among other things, you'll find two

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Proteus Underwater Habitat

The underwater scientific research station Proteus Underwater Habitat. Fuseproject's Yves Behar planned it for the aquanaut Fabien Cousteau and a joining point for global researchers, academics, government companies, and organizations. Moreover, our curiosity as humans

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Ashar Tented Resort

In the AlUla desert in Saudi Arabia, 47 luxury tents in the Ashar Tented Resort offer mystery, escape, and a haven like no other. The French architecture studio AW2 has developed and design as a part of the Royal Commission of AlUla to bring more and more tourists to

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