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Kambanes House Remote Iceland Retreat
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Kambanes House Remote Iceland Retreat


Nestled in the remote Icelandic countryside, Kambanes House is a luxurious retreat designed by Studio Puisto and visualized by CYLIND. The two L-shaped forms offer a stylish balance to the rugged terrain, with a stone-like brick finish to the lower level and a wooden slat facade adorning the top story.

The unusual stacking of these structures creates an intimate courtyard with rock gardens and an incredible hot tub overlooking the open sea. Inside, large glazed inserts provide expansive views of both the coastline and sweeping pastures. With its idyllic location, clever design, and high-end amenities, Kambanes House is an exquisite example of modern living in harmony with nature.

This unique property melds style and convenience amidst Iceland's stirring landscape. Its sleek layouts are both efficient and awe-inspiring, while its cozy nooks enhance feelings of escapism. Each charming corner reveals rustic hints of this majestic land – from breathtaking glaciers to tranquil beaches – offering something special for each visitor that passes through its doors.

Kambanes House is truly captivating: from its graceful architecture to its delightful interior details, no expense has been spared in creating one stunningly beautiful retreat in which to relax or entertain guests in picturesque seclusion. In an area already rich with natural attractions like mountains, rivers, and geysers, it's no surprise that travelers from around the world continuously seek out this stunning destination for their vacation getaways.

This wonderful holiday home is perfect for those who desire a memorable escape surrounded by unspoiled nature while having stylish accommodations close on hand. Whether you're looking to explore Iceland's vast wilderness or just dive into comfort and relaxation at Kambanes House after tiring sightseeing days – you won't be disappointed.

Kambanes House Remote Iceland Retreat
Kambanes House Remote Iceland Retreat
Kambanes House Remote Iceland Retreat
Photos Credit: 
CYLIND / Studio Puisto
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