iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Some are paying for professionals to repair their smartphones, gadgets, laptops, and others taking the matter into their own hands. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is perfect in any way when it comes to repairing your valuable tech. Furthermore, after gathering more than five

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Field Notes: National Parks Series

The US brand, searching for the best way to create and express the remarkable American nature by producing the Field Notes: National Parks Series. The combined work of artists makes fifty-nine parks print series packed in all six 3-Packs and millions of American marvel

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DISSIM Inverted Lighter

The DISSIM Inverted Lighter's unique form has both upright and inverted design and can be used for various applications besides just lighting candles. The signature ergonomic circle grip provides more security and control and significantly decreasing the risk of

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Keysmart Max

Until we all going to switch our physical keys with Key tags, NFC, or our smartphones, the Keysmart Max takes our physical keys and today's tech to provide a very sophisticated product solution. The Keysmart Max has useful and smart features like locating your phone

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Blanc Daft Punk Facemask

The world still needs his mask during the Coronavirus, even if the vaccine is almost at our doorstep. The egg shape Blanc Daft Punk Facemask is a Kickstarter campaign that has an opaque black strip that keeps whoever wears it private. Besides black and white, the mask

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Black Silicone Glass Flask By Ragproper

Perfect to carry in any adventure, trip, or campfire, the Black Silicone Glass Flask By Ragproper is a modern and well-designed companion. The 240mL double shot can fit in your bag to use in every special moment you desire. The flask has a versatile and sleek black

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Holcombe Minimal Two-Compartment Carry

The Holcombe Minimal Two-Compartment Carry is perfect for your everyday denim carry. The design is simple, slim, and most efficient. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about losing your keys because it's securely and safely. Moreover, the dual compartment is designed

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Wave Money Clip - by Craighill’s NYC workshop

Wave Money Clip - by Craighill's NYC workshop is high quality and super minimalist clip. Made of sheet metal laser cut when bend by hand-finished in NYC workshop for the perfect finish. Moreover, the clip is strong enough to hold your necessities or accommodate and

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Bellroy Black Phone Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Bellroy Black Phone Case for iPhone 11 Pro can define as minimalist and bold design. The super slim case is 5.76 inches long on 2.91 inches wide. Therefore, the high of this masculine case is 0.44 inches, so it's not getting the slim design of the iPhone entirely.

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MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve - by Crazy Horse

MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve - by Crazy Horse is designed perfectly for the new Macbook Pro 16". The leather sleeve is a genuine Crazy Horse leather, makes the style look even better. Moreover, it does not just look amazingly stylish, but also it's keeping your Macbook

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