Holcombe Minimal Two-Compartment Carry

The Holcombe Minimal Two-Compartment Carry is perfect for your everyday denim carry. The design is simple, slim, and most efficient. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about losing your keys because it's securely and safely. Moreover, the dual compartment is designed

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Wave Money Clip - by Craighill’s NYC workshop

Wave Money Clip - by Craighill's NYC workshop is high quality and super minimalist clip. Made of sheet metal laser cut when bend by hand-finished in NYC workshop for the perfect finish. Moreover, the clip is strong enough to hold your necessities or accommodate and

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Bellroy Black Phone Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Bellroy Black Phone Case for iPhone 11 Pro can define as minimalist and bold design. The super slim case is 5.76 inches long on 2.91 inches wide. Therefore, the high of this masculine case is 0.44 inches, so it's not getting the slim design of the iPhone entirely.

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MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve - by Crazy Horse

MacBook Pro Leather Sleeve - by Crazy Horse is designed perfectly for the new Macbook Pro 16". The leather sleeve is a genuine Crazy Horse leather, makes the style look even better. Moreover, it does not just look amazingly stylish, but also it's keeping your Macbook

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The Peel AirPods Case

The Peel AirPods Case has a sleek look and minimalistic design. The Peel case maintains the look of the charging while protecting it. The feel is pretty hardened and thick, and it is straightforward to put it on the case and peel it off. Moreover, the Peel protects your

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LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle is the thing we all been waiting for our health. Also, we know that our body's most crucial consumption is water. Therefore, every amount of water that we put inside our body matters. is the world's first self-cleaning water

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Twelve South Journal CaddySack

Twelve South Journal CaddySack is your perfect Luxury travel case for your Mac accessories. The stylish case made of leather and designed especially for your essential Apple accessories. The luxury Twelve South Journal travel case can hold adapters, cables, power

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Field Notes Clandestine Limited Edition Notebook

Field Notes Clandestine Limited Edition Notebook is a 3-pack Field Notes that have a mystery and a secret behind it. Right away, you can clearly see the secret codes and ciphers surrounding all the three notebooks from the from to the back. The Cover made from Mohawk’s

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PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask

Many people using Flask for their daily carry for many uses, some of them is alcohol, drinks, and more. However, what makes the PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask unique is its unregular form. The PRFL3 Liquid Body Flask made of stainless steel in three colors: the Matte Black

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