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Foldeat Modular Lunchbox
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Foldeat Modular Lunchbox


Foldeat is revolutionizing the way we think about lunchtime. This innovative product is a modular lunchbox that unfolds into a full-size eating mat, providing a convenient and organized solution for on-the-go dining.

With 15 unique features, Foldeat has thought of everything to make your lunch experience as seamless as possible. The lunch station includes several square containers that can be stacked up to four highs, depending on your food needs for the day. These containers come with a separator for easy portioning, and there is also a dedicated liquid container with a screw cap and foam insulation. In addition to these primary containers, Foldeat also includes small containers for dips, dressings, protein powder, pills, or snacks. And, when it's time to eat, the lunchbox unfolds into a mat, complete with magnetic storage areas for cutlery and separate dip containers.

But that's not all – Foldeat also comes with cooling/warming pads that can be fitted onto the containers to keep your food at the desired temperature. Whether you want to keep your food hot or cold, this portable dining kit has you covered. Overall, Foldeat is an elegant, organized, and potentially game-changing solution for anyone looking for a convenient and stylish way to enjoy their meals on the go. So the next time you pack your lunch, consider upgrading to a Foldeat lunch station – you won't be disappointed.

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