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James & DDC: Field Notes 3 Pack
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James & DDC: Field Notes 3 Pack


Are you an everyday carry geek? If so, you're in for a treat. James & DDC have come together to create the ultimate collaboration--one that brings The James Brand's sophisticated and chic style with Field Notes journals' rugged functionality. This 3-pack of pocket-sized journals is sure to turn heads everywhere you go.

These notebooks are classic Field Notes--a size of three and a half by five and a half inches with tough, tear-resistant paper. But they also feature The James Brand's signature electric moss coloring, making the dot grid on each page pop with vibrancy. What would be the point of such a stylish notebook if it weren't useful? Fortunately, these versatile little pieces of paper can do much more than just look good in your pocket.

Writing things down with pen and paper has multiple benefits over typing or swiping your phone screen. You can capture thoughts better without distractions, express yourself creatively through drawing or sketching, and even start a fire as part of an outdoor survival activity. For those who need quick reference points or jotting down ideas, having a notebook in your pocket always pays off. Each notebook has 48 pages of dot grid pattern paper along with covers that show off the sleek aesthetic of The James Brand. All seven adjectives words used: Sophisticated, chic, stylish, versatile, functional, creative, and vibrant.  

For the everyday carry enthusiast looking for something new that adds flair to their gear collection but still holds its own functional value in any situation life throws at them, this is certainly worth considering. Whether it be practicality or creativity, you're after – this 3-pack from James & DDC provides plenty of opportunities to make use of all sides of the spectrum.

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The James Brand
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