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The Weekend After Hours Exclusive Limited Edition Vinyl Record
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The Weekend After Hours Exclusive Limited Edition Vinyl Record


On March 20th, the Weeknd's highly-anticipated latest chapter 'After Hours,' featuring the international hits "Heartless" and "Blinding Lights," is set to release as an exclusive limited edition vinyl record. The multi-platinum, two-time GRAMMY winner has made a name for himself in the past decade as one of the most celebrated, successful, and iconic figures in modern music.

By combining R&B, pop, and hip-hop sounds under his own unique widescreen lens, the Weeknd has been able to capture a global audience that values his progressive style and ambitious artistry. His immense presence in popular culture has earned him countless awards and accolades while cementing his legacy as one of the defining acts of 21st-century music. Now he's giving fans something exceptional - a limited edition vinyl record of his latest album 'After Hours.'

The newest project from the Weeknd is sure to make waves throughout the mainstream thanks to its adventurous soundscape coupled with its dynamic mix of genres. It stands out from other releases due to its masterful composition and intriguing production techniques -- making it an absolute must-have for any serious collector or fan. In addition to offering listeners an impressive sonic experience, this limited edition vinyl offers something that digital listening simply cannot provide: a tangible connection between artist and listener.

This physical format serves as a powerful reminder that even though we may be living in an increasingly digital world, there is still room for timeless pieces of artwork like this one. So don't miss out on your chance to take home this exquisite piece of musical history before it's gone forever.

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The Weekend
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