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ICON Airframe Pro Motorcycle Helmet
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ICON Airframe Pro Motorcycle Helmet


Today, we're talking about the latest and greatest incarnation of ICON's best-selling motorcycle helmet – the Airframe Pro. This high-end helmet includes a stunning 4Tress carbon weave shell for unparalleled strength and resilience, along with handcrafted touches that give it an unmistakable luxury feel.

The addition of the RST Gold Pro TracShield provides superior clarity while matching vents and a spoiler ensures you look your best while riding. Inside, this remarkable helmet comes equipped with a removable and washable HydraDry interior to keep you comfortable during long rides. Don't let its spectacular exterior fool you; the Airframe Pro is fantastically lightweight yet incredibly strong. In fact, it's designed to exceed even the most rigorous safety standards without having to add any extra weight or bulk. It practically fits like a glove, so there's no need to worry about feeling weighed down while stuck in traffic or taking sudden turns on winding roads. Thanks to ICON's always-reliable craftsmanship, this incredible helmet has been created with superior-quality materials for maximum comfort and protection.

All in all, if you're looking for a top-of-the-line motorcycle helmet that will keep you safe and stylishly attired at the same time, then look no further than the ICON Airframe Pro Helmet. With its elegant design, luxurious feel, and exceptional strength and durability, you can trust that this exquisite piece of protective gear has got your back every time your kick off your bike.

Whether you're heading out for a brief jaunt between work and home or a longer ride over more treacherous terrain – you can be assured that when wearing this magnificent accessory from ICON – you'll look absolutely dapper while being kept safe.

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RIDE ICON / $550
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