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3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT
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3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT

The "Drifting Garden of Eden," the 3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT, takes going green to a whole new level. This incredible vessel comes with an onboard greenhouse and vegetable garden that provide a serene, light-filled deck space to unwind during your journey. Plus, the solar panels power the plant's irrigation system, making this one of the most eco-friendly superyachts on the market today. And if that's not enough, its hydrogen fuel cell and electric propulsion system make for emissions-free travel, ensuring you can cruise in style without harming our planet. The owners will receive a 3D model of their very own VY.01 superyacht as an OBJ document, an original movie file of the VY.01, and the option to resettle the Superyacht from the Monaco Yacht Harbour to any VR place within the SuperWorld metaverse.

3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT
3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT
3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT
3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT
3DLX VY.01 Superyacht NFT
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SUPERWORLD / 5 ETH or $20,160
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