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RaceBird Electric Powerboat by E1
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RaceBird Electric Powerboat by E1


The world of competitive powerboat racing is set to be revolutionized by the upcoming E1 World Electric Powerboat Series in 2023, with Racebird electric powerboat developed to be the exclusive boat taking part.

Developed and tested by former world-champion powerboat racer Luca Ferrari on the River Po in Northern Italy, the Racebird boasts an impressive array of innovative features that push its capabilities beyond what any other vessel has achieved before.

Incorporating a single-seat cockpit inspired by open-wheel race cars and a high-performance hydrofoil hull design reminiscent of seabirds skimming across the surface of the ocean, this extraordinary craft can reach top speeds of up to 50 knots (58MPH), powered by a 200 horsepower electric drivetrain and a 35kWh battery capacity. With such remarkable speed and energy efficiency, the Racebird makes it possible for anyone to experience thrilling, heart-racing joyrides out on any body of water without causing unnecessary damage to our environment.

Those who have been lucky enough to witness firsthand how Ferrari handled this sleek, revolutionary machine were mesmerized by how easily he managed its complex systems with ease and poise, as if he had been sailing it for years already. As he led the mechanical beast through waves and waked at incredible speeds, his skills swiftly directed it around obstacles with pinpoint precision—making it clear why he is considered one of history’s greatest racers in any type of vehicle.

The Racebird electric powerboat promises to deliver thrills like no other craft previously seen—thanks to its dynamic abilities enabled by state-of-the-art engineering and design. Its agile movements powered by reliable motors result in swift yet stable acceleration; its robust frame absorbs impacts gracefully, and its lightweight yet powerful chassis allows it to soar through choppy waters effortlessly.

Ultimately, this extraordinary machine could very well mark a new era in both recreational boating and professional racing alike: ushering in an exciting age where speed limits are broken, new records are created, and stunning feats become commonplace on our seas and oceans as people explore their ever more efficient, thrillingly dynamic vessels.

The introduction of such sophisticated technology into mainstream culture stands as a testament to human innovation—and all those involved will indeed feel proud when they witness the impact their creation will have when the green flag drops on the E1 World Electric Powerboat Series come 2023.

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E1 Series
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