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Corsair Lighting Node Pro will upgrade your next setup
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Corsair Lighting Node Pro will upgrade your next setup


When you decided to upgrade your PC modding to the next level of computer modding, you have to consider both uniqueness, design, and cooling for your brand new system. If you're into PC modding Gaming PC's or a Workstations setups, this Corsair is the additional thing you probably need.

Corsair Lighting Node Pro is an RGB LED strip for your Gaming PC / Desktop PC, that controls over software. With a fantastic lighting effect, you can create the perfect coloring inside your custom made case or a regular case. The CORSAIR Lighting Node Pro pack comes with 4 LED strips that connect to your motherboard over USB. The installation is straightforward to install, they thought about everything, in each LED piece, there is a magnet for you to reposition as you want. It comes with a box that you can upgrade with the DUAL channels in case you want to add even the Corsair Fans. And with that one software, you control it all: the coloring, Illuminations, Effect, and the speed of the Fans.

Your Desktop setup will not look the same as before. With the perfect cooling is controlling fans and the coloring scheme that will blow everyone's mind. When they see that orchestra playing by the moves of your gaming skills, your multiplayer game comes alive with every action and move you adjust with your mouse and keyboard. It's another level of beautified combined with the performance for you to display up.

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