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Sony PlayStation 5 Pro


It's no surprise that Sony is already gearing up and potentially planning ahead for a "Gen 2" PlayStation 5, more commonly known as the PS5 Pro. As the best-selling gaming console on the market today, it makes sense that Sony would want to make sure they deliver an upgraded version of their product with the newest and most advanced features available.

After all, this wouldn't be their first time upgrading an existing console with a "Pro" model - after launching the PS4 back in 2013, they released an updated version called PS4 Pro three years later in 2016. The rumors indicate that the new PS5 Pro could see a release as early as April 2021, though sales wouldn't begin until September. With its expected water-cooling feature and new components from AMD, including a CPU and GPU, gamers will get to experience enhanced content with 8K support at 120 frames per second, ray-tracing capabilities, and more.

Visualizing what this sleeker device would look like, Dubai-based artist Latif Ghouali recently posted his concept art of a possible design for the upcoming console. It ditches the original organic form factor of the regular PS5 and takes on a rugged alien-like shape to showcase its "Pro" attitude. Not only is it emulating some of Alienware Area 51's highest specs desktop systems out there right now, but it also features LED strips that give off a bright yet sophisticated vibe. While it's still up in the air as to how this sleek design will feel to hold while playing games due to its edgy points, one thing we know for sure is that this new console has us excited about what Sony has in store.

From leaked specs to concept art reveals, there is much anticipation around Sony's upcoming release of their next big console upgrade -the PS5 Pro. With promises of 8K gaming at 120 frames per second or better, ray tracing capabilities, and new components from AMD like CPUs and GPUs, this seems like an exciting device worth investing in.

Despite not knowing exactly when it will be released or any other official details about what it may contain, we can rest assured that Sony will continue delivering quality gaming experiences through their technology upgrades.

Photos Credit: 
Latif Ghouali
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