Infinity Masculine
Infinity Masculine
Artifox SIDE Table
Artifox SIDE Table

As much as we love Masculine Apartment or a Bachelor Pad, we mean all the interior stuff. The Artifox SIDE Table is definitely is a must for every masculine man that respects his own design space. The side table comes in two colors, Walnut, and White Oak. Both of the colors are bold and amazing, but it is more than just a side table. The Artifox SIDE Table can be blend in both Workspace, sleeping space or lounging space, and it fits perfectly. The cable management for your Smartphone or tablet is fairly good, especially for other accessories. The Drawer storage can store Books, Tech, or an everyday object. The Drawer storage has an optional file folder. The size of the side table is Lenght 17”, Width 17” and High 27 ⅜”. The Artifox made of Solid Hardwood with a Veneer Panel.

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