Artless SQB Bed

Any man's haven and bachelor pad need a particular taste for interior design, especially the dark theme, clean and aesthetic. The Artless SQB Bed, designed by Alejandro Artigas, has Black Walnut two-inch thick boards that have been hand-rubbed in a dark oil finish.

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FIL Mass Series Sumi Furniture

The process of grasslands field burning in Aso, Japan, is a yearly tradition that accrues for over a thousand years. The burned and blackened preventing the grassy landscape reached by shrubs and trees, and inspired FIL from that beautiful tradition. FIL Mass Series

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Pivot Bed & Home Gym

During our limited time, the pandemic forces us to bring all sorts of services that we use outside, like the gym. Pivot Bed & Home Gym got you covered, so you don't have to worry about your gym membership and missing a workout day. Furthermore, the Pivot Bed is designed

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Wrensilva Loft Audio System

Every vinyl hobbyist and enthusiastic probably have a vinyl niche, and the Wrensilva Loft Audio System is well designed additional piece of furniture that added value to your spot. The remarkable modern finish of this craftsmanship, build, designed, and created in the

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Sitskie Open 45 Credenza

That well-designed piece of furniture is perfect for vinyl records lovers, and the Sitskie Open 45 Credenza is the solution. To impress and showcase any vinyl collection, the OPEN 45 presents your enthusiast for a good taste of music in a proper way. The records holder

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Oberlin Nightstand Designed by Ceci Thompson

Oberlin Nightstand Designed by Ceci Thompson designed perfectly for man's bachelor pads. Every masculine apartment's bedroom is the most crucial room. Moreover, its the room you replace your energy and suppose to be at its best when it comes to style. The Oberlin

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HRDL Vinyl Table

Every record collector has a special place for his collection. HRDL Vinyl Table is the perfect storage for the best classic music Vinyl records. However, Stian Herdal, the designer of this vintage audio console, bring his imagination to all-in-one storage and playback

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Artifox SIDE Table

As much as we love Masculine Apartment or a Bachelor Pad, we mean all the interior stuff. The Artifox SIDE Table is definitely is a must for every masculine man that respects his own design space. The side table comes in two colors, Walnut, and White Oak.

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