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Helmade NOIR style design
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Helmade NOIR style design


For helmet and bike are more than a passion. A Helmet shouldn't be just a helmet, and it should be your personality with a bond of your motorcycle. The motorcycle is the same. When a vessel is a part of that second glimpse that you feel in your soul when your heart is pumping like crazy - it abnormal. Helmade design your dream as your desire at an old location near Frankfurt. The magic factory. They inspired the movies 'Blade-Runner' and 'Ghost in the shell,' and that's the result of the helmet design. So, you can see the neon noir colored design that affects this whole meaning.

What makes every Helmet worldwide one of a kind design - that's the Helmade company purpose. The custom build bike design was throttled by Adrian Majewski that have been competing in the international Sprint race. But most of the parts are not original, and the reason why is because of the fewer limitations and minor rules. In other words, they wanted to be ready for the 1/8 mile race.

Create your Masculine Style

In conclusion, when you take the artistic mind of a visionary combined with movies, and to fulfill dreams, this is an outstanding outcome. Helmade company born from the Motorsport world, and merge it with the world of design. She took her passion and combined it with love for Motorcycles, and especially Helmets. Every design is unique, that hold's a story behind it. Every Gentlemen has its unique style that creates and shout his personality. You take the things and hobbies in your life and make it your trademark of your own. The question is, for the Motorcycles fan among you, what's your passionate designed style? Helmade connect you to the things you love in helmets, to your unique Motor style.

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