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Changes: An Oral History of Tupac Shakur
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Changes: An Oral History of Tupac Shakur


As Tupac Shakur's 50th anniversary of birth and 25th year since his death approaches, Changes: An Oral History of Tupac Shakur's book serves as an important reminder of the late artist's incredible influence. With the help of a New Yorker editor, Pearce interviewed dozens to paint a vivid, comprehensive portrait of the rap icon.

The intimate storytelling weaves together accounts from notable figures. Yet, it also focuses on those lesser-knowns – such as his high school drama teacher and former Death Row record executive – which helps bring authenticity to the narrative. It is an indispensable piece for any fan or even casual observer of Tupac's life and work, offering fresh insight into the many facets that made up 'The Rose That Grew from Concrete,' which has captivated generations far beyond his era.

This remarkable account portrays a clever man who was passionate about music and art, from his humble beginnings in East Harlem to the solidified legacy he left behind posthumously. The book is enriched with fascinating anecdotes and poignant memories combined with intriguing facts about the rapper's extraordinary journey that makes for a unique look at an influential performer and activist.

Changes is an illuminating exploration that provides readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Tupac Shakur's incontestable spirit, furthering his immortal legacy through a beautifully written homage captured within this magnificent work of audio-biography.

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