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Adidas 3D CMPT Sunglasses
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Adidas 3D CMPT Sunglasses


Adidas has begun to make history with the launch of their 3D CMPT Sunglasses, created in collaboration with Marcolin Group and utilizing cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

Weighing just 20 grams and featuring an openwork design crafted from nylon finished with a unique coating, these eyewear pieces have a rubberized feel that is both sophisticated and lightweight. Future-focused in style, these sunglasses boast maximum ventilation for effective airflow as well as non-slip nose pads, and arm ends for an enhanced fit during physical activity. Limited to 150 pairs, these extraordinary sunglasses will be available on August 23rd, 2021, exclusively during Creative Club Week.

Adidas has created an innovative piece of eyewear with the release of their 3D CMPT Sunglasses - bold, futuristic, and astonishingly light. Manufactured using advanced 3D printing technology, this one-piece frame is composed of nylon which offers not just superior durability but also a unique rubberized texture for a luxurious look and feel. Additionally, Adidas' revolutionary lattice construction significantly improves ventilation without compromising structural integrity. And lastly, exemplifying thoughtful engineering are the non-slip contact points on the nose pads and arm ends to ensure that the glasses stay in place during physical activities.

With only 150 pairs available for purchase starting August 23rd during Creative Club Week, Adidas' 3D CMPT Sunglasses are bound to become sought out items by those seeking a truly remarkable accessory.

Adidas 3D CMPT Sunglasses
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ADIDAS / $415
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