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Canoo Pickup Truck


The new electric vehicle (EV) pickup truck from Canoo is quickly becoming the most talked about car of 2021. With its futurist design that bests Tesla's Cybertruck, Canoo has beaten the competition to the market and is set to completely change the EV landscape.

Built on Canoo's innovative modular EV platform, this revolutionary electric truck delivers an impressive 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque with an estimated range of 200 miles. But it's the unique architecture of this electric vehicle that truly stands out from the crowd. The truck bed comes equipped with a pull-out section for hauling bulkier items and a foldable front cargo area that can transform into a work table. Plus, its sides fold out into workspaces so you can take your job site with you wherever you go.

Preorders for this fantastic electric vehicle are scheduled to open in mid-2021 with a full launch slated for 2023 — but that hasn't stopped drivers everywhere from throwing their hats in the proverbial ring as they anticipate getting their hands on this cutting-edge EV pickup truck first. Canoo's electric vehicle pickup is not just any ordinary model; it's bold, spacious, powerful, and incredibly versatile — adjectives that makeup just a few reasons why everyone is quickly falling in love with it.

Its sleek yet boxy exterior gives it a head-turning style that only an EV from Canoo could bring, and the incredible performance offered by its dual or rear motor configurations will leave you breathless. Not to mention, compared to other similar vehicles, Canoo's EV will be far more accessible due to its pricing and charging options like DC fast charging networks or at-home options like installing your own private charger.

Whether you're looking for a work partner or just something fun and efficient to zoom around town in, Canoo's stylish and sophisticated EV pickup truck has all your bases covered. With immense power behind its wheel as well as unbeatable convenience features, it may be worth preordering sooner rather than later.

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