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NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander LEGO
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NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander LEGO

The most known historical NASA's have was the first moon landing the famous spaceship Apollo 11. To celebrate thier 50th Aniversary LEGO and NASA has decided to join hands and make this fantastic Lego piece of art; The NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. The Lunar Lander is not a regular model. It has very actual details from the real Apollo 11. And when we were saying highly detailed, we mean the surface footprints, and united states flag. The landing pad colored with gold and also the panels. Even the two astronauts helmet has a gold painted to match. The Apollo 11 Lunar Lander feels luxurious enough to catch everyone's look.

This LEGO piece can fit perfectly in your Workstation, Mancave, or your Office so everyone who sees's it can admire and remember the massive event that takes a breath the entire world till this day. The LEGO package come with two astronauts, The Eagle Lunar Lander with high details, interior with room for two astronaut minifigures. The size of the entire LEGO is 7” / 20 cm high, 8” /22cm wide and 7” / 20cm deep. This size for the details is very overwhelming and unique.

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