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Paul. A Personal Portrait by Harry Benson
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Paul. A Personal Portrait by Harry Benson


To take a peek into the life of one of the most legendary music figures of all time, look no further than Paul. A Personal Portrait by Harry Benson - a limited edition book boasting over 100 stunning shots of none other than Sir Paul McCartney himself.

From the delirious energy exuding from the Beatles' U.S. tour in 1964 to the wild and shaggy days of Wings in the 1970s, and finally to a serene family farm in the early 90s – this unique photo collection gives us an intimate insight into the evolution of one of the greatest pop stars ever known.

Gifted photographer Harry Benson faithfully captures moments that bring out the versatility and complexity of his subject – an icon that has remained enigmatic even after so many years spent in the limelight. From records studio with Linda and their band to family gatherings; from a star-studded party on Queen Mary celebrating Wings' latest album to a tranquil atmosphere at home; it's all here, framed in Benson's signature style comprising breathtaking black-and-white and vivid color photographs.

What we now marvel at is an incredible compilation of never before seen images that illustrates an astonishingly significant journey for both Paul as well as our culture itself. The book unfolds its delightful surprises page by page, leaving us with something far more meaningful than just another iconic figure captured on film. It leaves us with its marvelous visual account running through 75 years of individual growth and societal changes which made such achievements possible.

This collection is not only valuable but also emotionally charged, creating an atmosphere intriguing enough to make us forget we are looking at one of history's most profound legacies through someone else's eye. Providing us with an indubitable reminder of why Paul McCartney remains one admired individual who continues to inspire generations around the world today with his resounding career and unadulterated commitment to passion & craft.

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